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Информация за продукта

Varistasi plus leg gel, promotes microcirculation and relieves the feeling of tiredness and heaviness
in the legs thanks to the synergy between the barrier effect and the function of its active ingredients. It
promotes the drainage of excess fluid and ensures a long-lasting relief from the feeling of swollen
and tired legs.

Ingredients: Horse chestnut d.e., Centella asiatica d.e., Butcher’s broom d.e., Blueberry d.e.,
Natural menthol, Witch hazel water, Fenugreek d.e., Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil.

Directions: apply 1-2 times a day to the affected area with a gentle massagge.

The combination with Varistasi Plus tablets is recommended for a complete treatment

Petrolatum and parabens free


To learn more about the product, you can also download its brochure, which contains all the details.