I. General provisions

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the sites of Technocom Trade Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Technocom Trade Ltd"). These Terms and Conditions constitute a CONTRACT between You and Technocom Trade Ltd., which entitles you to use the services of the Sites for personal and non-commercial purposes subject to the conditions below. These Terms and Conditions have binding effect only on the relationship between you as a User of the Site Services and Technocom Trade Ltd. By accessing (uploading) the websites, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and any subsequent changes thereto, and you are committed to complying with them. Should you disagree with all the general terms below, please do not use the sites of Technocom Trade Ltd.

Users are entitled to use the services of sites referred to herein as "Site" only for personal / non-commercial purposes. When adding an opinion / comment in the forums, users agree to comply with the Terms of Use of the sites of Technocom Trade Ltd. Technocom Trade Ltd. is not responsible for the opinions expressed by the users.

II. Basic concepts

For the purposes of these General Terms, the following terms are used with the following meanings:

"USER" is any natural person who uses any of the services of any of the sites of Technocom Trade Ltd.

"SERVICE (s)" on the site include:

- access to the web site's information resources / data provided via the web browser;

- Participating in forums on the site by commenting, evaluating and reporting to moderator posts already posted;

- creation and customization of user profiles through registration, which allows access to the information resources of the archive of the site as well as for participation in the network users of the sites of Technocom Trade Ltd.;

- email newsletters from those who have registered for the Site Users service.

"PARTNER" is any person with whom Technocom Trade Ltd. is in a contractual relationship and on behalf of which Technocom Trade Ltd. is entitled to provide additional information about its goods / services to registered Users of the site who have given their consent to this.

"THIRD PARTY ASSOCIATES" - acts or omissions of third parties that are in conflict with Internet Ethics rules, including but not limited to DoS (Denial of Service), server intrusion, deface, theft data and more.

"DIRECT MARKETING" - offering goods and services to Users by traditional or electronic mail, by telephone or in another direct way.

III. Copyright

1. All rights reserved. All intellectual property rights in the information resources and materials posted on the site are subject to protection under the current Copyright and Related Rights Act, and their unauthorized use constitutes an offense and results in civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation in force .

2. Creative commons. Part of the materials on the site may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons license. These materials are specially marked with a sign.

3. Use RSS feeds. RSS feeds we call XML files for automatic aggregation of content from other sites, whose address is specified in the meta information on every page of Technocom Trade Ltd. They contain a title, author, photo, and the first 500 (five hundred) characters of the article. They may be republished or aggregated on other sites without explicit permission. Any publication in a format other than a web site (such as a public display) requires a written permission from Technocom Trade Ltd. If other sites use the image attached to the RSS feed, it must be accompanied by the title, the first 500 characters of the text and the author.

IV. Privacy

Technocom Trade Ltd. is a personal data administrator registered under the Personal Data Protection Act. In connection with the use of the services of the sites we process personal data under the terms of our Privacy Policy, which you can read here. Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Service.

Technocom Trade Ltd. can provide the collected statistical information about the site visitors to advertisers / advertising agencies that keep statistics on clicks and more. user actions on their advertising banners and links, to produce internal statistics. Data for statistical purposes are provided anonymously. Your data is used for Direct Marketing purposes only if you have explicitly given your consent to this on your registration or by changing the settings in your account.

Direct marketing is not considered as submitting information about changes to the terms of use, Site Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or the Terms of Use of the Forums.

V. Organizing Responsibility

Technocom Trade Ltd. is doing its best to keep your site true, accurate and up-to-date, without excluding the possibility of objectionable objectionable inconsistencies or omissions. Technocom Trade Ltd. is not responsible for the consequences, including any damage caused by or in any way connected with the access, use or inability to use this site. All information on the site is provided in accordance with current Bulgarian legislation. Technocom Trade Ltd. makes reasonable efforts to protect its integrity and security against malicious third party attacks.

Technocom Trade Ltd. is not responsible for the subjective perceptions and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information resources of this site.

Technocom Trade Ltd. is not responsible for the information (including its completeness and credibility) contained on sites to which this site contains references.

Technocom Trade Ltd. is entitled to compensation for all damages, expenses and claims of third parties that result from violation of these general conditions and / or unauthorized use of the services of the site.

VI. Services requiring registration

Technocom Trade Ltd reserves the right to grant access to certain services against obligatory registration. The services are:

- Registration for newsletters of the editions of Technocom Trade Ltd.

- Vote for poll

- Participation in prize games

Outside the products, products and services for which payment is required, users have the opportunity to receive free and full access to the sections of the site requiring registration after they create their own individual profile.

In the profile settings, users are obliged to provide true, true and accurate information, complying with the requirements of these Terms and Conditions.

TechnoChem Trade reserves the right to determine whether to provide an account / account to the user, remove or limit user profiles that he / she considers inappropriate and if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Every 18 months from the date of registration of the user, Technocom Trade Ltd. will remind the user to update the information in his account.

Technocom Trade Ltd. reserves the right to suspend the provision of the aforementioned free services by posting a message on the site.

VII. Payment Claiming Services

Technocom Trade Ltd. does not provide access to tools for shopping on the pages of their sites. In order to buy a product or products from the catalog, you need to visit the online stores or the physical ones of the pharmacy chains we work with.

VIII. Changes

Technocom Trade Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions by promptly publishing these changes to the site together with a notice of changes to the Terms and Conditions.

For all issues not covered by these General Terms and Conditions, the applicable Bulgarian legislation applies.