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Pregnancy and breastfeeding
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Muscles, joints and bones
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MAGNЕSIUM - 20 effervescent tablets with orange flavor

Magnesium (150 mg)

Информация за продукта

For humans, magnesium is needed for energy production in cells. It speeds up metabolism by playing an important role in bone building and in a number of metabolic processes. Magnesium aids in the distribution of nerve cell signals, protein production, and heart rate control. The main amount of magnesium in the body is found in the skeleton and muscles. This mineral is involved in nervous and muscular excitability, and its effect is opposite to calcium. Low magnesium intake occurs in conditions associated with poor nutrition, increased needs (breastfeeding), and some bowel diseases that accompany poor absorption of the mineral. Without sugar.

Composition Composition of 1 tablet * PDP

magnesium (magnesium carbonate)

150 mg  50 %

* PDP - recommended daily intake 

Recommended Intake: 1 tablet 1-2 times a day dissolved in 200 ml of cold water.

Composition of 1 tablet: Magnesium (Magnesium carbonate) - 150 mg (50%)

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